Aortic Valve Replacement

The Aortic valve is the valve that is placed between the left ventricle ( the main pumping chamber of the heart) and the Aorta( the blood pipe that takes good blood from the heart to the rest of the body). This valve is prone to various types of diseases. In some cases it can be repaired whilst in some cases its too far damaged and has to be replaced. This can be done through a standard traditional incision which is 20-25cms long or through a mini approach. Herein we will describe the mini approach which is the standard approach for us. The length of the incision is 5-7cms and is placed in the upper part of the chest . The chest bone or the sternum is also divided for a short distance in the upper half. The aortic valve is easily accessed through his approach and can be repaired or replaced. The advantages of this procedure is less pain, less infection and less bleeding. The recovery is commendably fast and patient stays for an average 3-4 days in the hospital and can get back to work in less than two weeks. He can drive in three to eight weeks. Aortic valve replacement can also be done by a small 5 cm anterior thoracotomy wherein a small portion of your 3rd and 4th ribs are divided and the valve accessed through this small incision. There is no major advantage for either procedure and both lead to speedy recovery with almost no infection infection rate.

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