Thomson Medical Centre Limited, Singapore

In 1979, Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) commenced operations, becoming a healthcare service provider known for our focus in the areas of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Paediatrics.

The birth of TMC centred on one man's vision: Founder and Executive Chairman, Dr Cheng Wei Chen's aim to "make delivery an enjoyable experience for women".

Carving out a unique identity of providing quality services with a personalized touch in a friendly and cosy ambience, TMC has taken women on the amazing journey of motherhood and embraced the birth of thousands of babies.

With an excellent pool of dedicated doctors and nurses, we have the expertise to care for and support mothers through the joyous yet complex months of pregnancy and childbirth and continue to encourage them by guiding them on how to care for their babies after childbirth.

The gift of life is rich and meaningful experience - nothing can be more joyous than bringing a child into the world.

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Dr. Sathyaki P Nambala

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